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Twin Cargo Plane Payload Test – RCTESTFLIGHT –

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Flite Test | Shinden Rocket Plane

Flite Test | Shinden Rocket Plane

See more! We had an excess of Shinden prototypes lying around the shop, so the only sensical thing to do w…
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Starter RC Plane Review- Champ RTF by HobbyZone | EpicReviewGuys

The HobbyZone Champ RTF is an RC airplane for beginners. Easy to fly and less than 0 the Champ- survives Chris’ first …

RC Plane Crashes into a Gate

A friend having really unfortunate and short flight! Luckly we got it flying again after 20 minutes and lots of tape!

RC Plane “Caelestia” flying pattern aerobatics FAI practice

Harv Is practicing the F sequence routine Flying precision aerobatics. This is the “masters” skill level routine. The aircraft used is a ” Caelestia ” Royalt…
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Worlds Smallest RC Plane!

A very tiny RC warbird. Brad owns this plane and brought it to the fieldhouse to fly. It is only about 2.5grams flying weight. It uses a tiny brushed motor, …
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