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Mini Quadcopter Injury Nasty Deep Propeller cuts on Finger

Mini Quadcopters or all mutirotors are not toys. Please be very careful when flying and keep a safe distance. Make sure and double check to power off, or dis…
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Thunder Tiger Ghost quadcopter drone fun fly with an almost near fatal crash

TTRobotix GHOST fun fly at night with a near miss crash.

Vila RC Walkera QR X350 Quadcopter for GoPro

RC 3D Quadcopter Stingray 500

Jason heard a strange noise and luckily he landed, the motor was coming loose from the mount. A great quad and great flight!
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CrotoX- mini rc quadcopter, most small rc drone

Size: 4.5*4.5*2.3 cm 2.4G with LED lights, 6-axis gyro. On order now! email:
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quadcopter FPV crash

Accidentally flew it out of range… 😐 Damage: -Frame: Bent central plate, 1 broken arm, 2 bet arms, broken battery holder. Requires rebuild. Repair cost: 1…