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Traxxas Spartan 58.6 MPH

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Traxxas spartan updates

Traxxas spartan with all the rc boat bitz parts.
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Traxxas Spartan with Hero Onboard footage

Here’s my 2nd video of the Traxxas Spartan. To see the first, go to RoninsRCRacing on youtube. Lots of other great boat and land based RC on that channel. Th…
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Traxxas Spartan Traxxas, Lancha motor brushless com 6s 22 volts, Nervosa!! GDO RC Racing ® FULL HD

Lancha Spartan Traxxas com 6s do meu Amigo Fabio , By GDO RC Racing ® veja em FULL HD -Local –
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Traxxas Spartan on Trailer with GoPro being pulled by Traxxas Summit

Did some more work to my boat trailer and it was a great day to go out on the lake with the boat. So had to get some good videos running. spartan walks a lil…

Traxxas Spartan RC Brushless Race Boat

30+mph out of the box, 50+mph on 6S LiPo!