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Tekin rs pro

It make sp 13.5 run like modify motor. By using Hotwire system.
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Tekin RX8 powered Mugen MBX5T on 4s Neu 5000 packs

This is my Tekin RX8 powered Mugen MBX5T on 4s Neu Energy 5000 packs in the garage. First run as the final product! See the whole build here – http://www.rc-…
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UrbanRCLa, Nitro Chris’ Traxxas Slash with Tekin Upgrades! Woo Hoo!

Nitro Chris shows us all the upgrades he did on his Traxxas Slash! Custom Wheels and Tires, Tekin Pro4 HD and RX8 combo pushin MAD power. Lots and lots more….
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Holmes 14t Puller vs Tekin Pro4

An epic battle of tug of war between the old school power of “Buxom Melons” running Holmes Hobbies BRXL, 14t Puller motor, on 6s lipo against the new school …
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PROJECT EPiC VS DUDLEY-A Tekin powered 1/8th scale RC buggy VS A very happy 110lb chocolate Lab

DUDLEY VS PROJECT EPiC! Who will win? watch to find out! (No dogs, or RC’s were harmed in the filming of this video…lol. But, he got some serious exercise)…
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Tekin system

R/C race.