The RC TRUCKSTOP is OPEN! Matt Higgens Takes the Drivers Seat..

The RCSparks Studio is a place of non-stop Radio Control Action.. and well, we are always on the hunt for Like-Minded Blog & Tech websites that can give great information about a growing Hobby. Today folks of All ages are getting interested in the RC Hobby… as more and more emerging Sites, Clubs, Products and Videos are emerging online. One of the trusted sources we have come to discover is the RC TRUCKSTOP! This site is Produced and Created up by a Very experienced, and talented hobbyist, Matt Higgens. Known cool monthly contests that really involve the reading audience – (like the famed “Truck of the Month” feature..) the RC Truckstop is a Must for all Bashers, Scalers, and Builders alike. Are you a Truck Person?! Then Check out theRC TruckStop.. Time to Amp up, whats been scaled down! At the RC Truckstop the main mission is to provide professional quality content that is highly accurate & honest. In addition to trustworthy reviews and sound advice in tech articles, the RC Truck Stop wants to have a voice. They sincerely want the audience to feel a connection CHECK IT OUT!